1. Alerts

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as road closures, road bans or other emergent issues sent to your phone through email or text message.

  2. Brooks Regional Airport

  3. Bylaws

    Bylaws are enforceable documents governed under the Municipal Government Act and other legislative regulations and are approved by Council.

  4. Garbage & Yard Waste Collection Date Maps

    Here you can look at maps of our collection dates.

  5. Handibus

    The service operates within the City limits and focuses on seniors and those with cognitive and physical disabilities. As well as anyone in the community that will require the service with short term disabilities.

  6. Newcomers Resources

    The City of Brooks provides multiple resources to all residents so that they are able to successfully integrate well and thrive in the community.

  7. Parks

    The Parks Department maintains the City's outdoor parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, flower beds, green spaces and the Brooks Cemetery.

  8. Property Taxes

    Property Tax pays for a wide variety of Municipal services. The cost of delivering these services, at a level determined by Council, forms the basis of each year’s budget.

  9. Property Assessment

    Property assessment is an estimate of the price your property may have sold for on the open market as of July 1, of the previous year. Assessed values reflect the physical condition of the property as of December 31, of the previous year.

  10. Public Works

    Public Works and Utilities is responsible for Waste Management, Water and Sewer Services, Snow Removal, Street Repairs and Maintenance and Capital Projects.

  11. Recreation

    The Recreation Services Department is happy to offer a variety of programs, services and events to the residents of the City of Brooks and surrounding region.

  12. Residential Garbage & Yard WasteCollection

    Find helpful tips for residential garbage and yard waste collection.

  13. Report an Issue

    Let the City of Brooks know if you have any comments or complaints.

  14. Utility Billing Services

    The City of Brooks charges for essential municipal services through bi-monthly utility rates. The utility charges cover the costs of sustainably delivering these services to residents.