Fitness Classes

At the JBS Canada Centre, we understand that taking steps to improve your fitness and health is one of the best ways to see benefits in the rest of your life. Once you start working out, you'll notice improvements to your sleep, energy, and mood! Let us help you out on your journey with our wide selection of fitness classes. We offer a variety of classes during the morning, evening, and lunch hour. There is a class for everyone and their jam packed schedule. 

The new Winter I Schedule for January and February is now available. Registration begins December 23. Try signing up with our new recweb service by clicking on the image on the bottom right of your screen.

2020 Fitness Class Schedule Information & Registration Dates

Winter I: January 6 - February 28 Schedule Out: Dec. 19 Registration Begins: Dec. 23

Spring: March 2 - April 30 Schedule Out: Feb. 14 Registration Begins: Feb. 21

Summer I: May 4 - June 29 Schedule Out: Apr. 15 Registration Begins: Apr. 22

Summer II: August 4 - 28 Schedule Out: Jul. 15 Registration Begins: Aug. 22

Fall: September 1 – October 30 Schedule Out: Aug. 14 Registration Begins: Aug. 21

Winter II: November 2 – Dec. 18 Schedule Out: Oct. 15 Registration Begins: Oct. 22