Residential Garbage & Yard Waste Collection

Residents are encouraged to place their rollout right beside their neighbors so the truck can pick up two at a time. Rollouts are to be put out before 7 a.m. on the day of your pick up. Please view our Waste Management Bylaw (PDF).

What To Do

Park It - Park your rollout on level ground at your curb or in your back alley.

What to do 1

Space It - Space your rollout at least 1 meter from any objects such as vehicles, light posts, fences, etc. There must be at least 1 meter of free space behind it and on all sides.

What to do 2

Take It - Take your rollout back onto your property by 7 p.m. on your collection day.

What to do 3

What Not To Do

Do not park your rollout on your property for pick up.

What not to do 1

Do not park your rollout close to other objects or place additional waste beside your rollout.

What not to do 2

Do not overfill your rollout. Do not dispose of scrap metal or furniture in the rollout.

What not to do 3
For more information please contact the Public Works and Utilities Department at 403-362-3146.