Residential Garbage & Yard Waste Collection

Rollouts are to be put out before 7 a.m. on the day of your pick up. Please view our Waste Management Bylaw (PDF).

What To Do

Park It - Park your rollout on level ground at your curb or in your back alley and make sure the arrow on the lid is pointing into the street or alley as shown below. Do not place rollout on the sidewalk. 

What to do 1

Space It - Space your rollout at least 1 meter from any objects such as vehicles, light posts, fences, other rollout bins, etc. There must be at least 1 meter of free space behind it and on all sides.

What to do 2

Take It - Take your rollout back onto your property by 7 p.m. on your collection day.

What to do 3

What Not To Do

Do not park your rollout on your property for pick up.

What not to do 1

Do not park your rollout close to other objects or place additional waste beside your rollout.

What not to do 2

Do not overfill your rollout. Do not dispose of scrap metal or furniture in the rollout.

What not to do 3
For more information please contact the Public Works and Utilities Department at 403-362-3146.