Communities in Bloom

5 Bloom Bronze

Brooks Communities in Bloom committee was formed by a small group of enthusiastic people in 2001. From the beginning they have enjoyed full co-operation and participation from Parks and Rec of the City of Brooks.
Their objective has always, and continues to be, the beautification of our community as well as the improvement of the quality of life for all the citizens of Brooks. We have entered the Provincial Communities in Bloom contest in Brooks' population category. They have stressed at Board levels that beautification was their goal, not winning. Nevertheless, they have been awarded top points each year culminating in a 5-Bloom Award in 2005. This year they have courageously chosen to compete at the National level at the encouragement of the judges.

The Communities in Bloom group has chosen the "Petunia" as their symbolic flower as much for it's showiness as for it's durability in our dry and windy climate. This flower is presented in their logo. In 2005, our Centennial year the Morden Centennial Rose was also adopted and over 300 roses planted in and around Brooks, as a legacy for our centennial.
Communities in Bloom also looks after the Historic Buildings in the City of Brooks. Many buildings have been marked as Historical Landmarks. To visit and view a walking tour of historic buildings (PDF) Winner for 2015.

Read more information on the heritage trees (PDF) in the City of Brooks.

Me-We-Three Things To Do For Brooks

Communities in Bloom would like to get residents thinking about things that would make Brooks a better place to live. What issues are important to you and what can be done to make things better? Think about three things that you can do to make Brooks a better place in which to live. Ask yourself, “What am I good at? What do I care about?”

Next do those three things, or more. For your street for example, say hello when you meet your neighbors, open a door for someone, take cookies to a family with a sick member or hold a front yard BBQ. What can I do for my neighborhood? Organize a monthly clean-up day, weed a yard of an elderly person, hold a block party. What can I do for my city? Volunteer for a not for profit organization, donated used articles to the Salvation Army, weed a flower bed in support of the Food Bank. Whether your three things are large or small, every action you take to make Brooks better makes a difference.

Finally, and this is most important, encourage three or more people to do the same. You might already do so much for your community, but others might not be living up to their potential. It’s up to all of us to get all of the citizens of Brooks to take action to make Brooks an even better city. Share your three things with all of us. Your action can be inspiration for others to do their three things. Post your three things to Facebook or Twitter and tag the City of Brooks. You can also post them to the City of Brooks’ Facebook page. If we all did three things that would be 3 x 13,000 = 39,000 things to make Brooks better. WOW!

-Brooks Communities in Bloom
Communities in Bloom