Cannabis Legalization

The federal government has introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis by July, 2018. This bill provides a plan for regulating cannabis and sets standards for:

  • Health and safety;
  • What actions are illegal or criminal; and
  • What aspects of cannabis regulation are the responsibility of the provinces.

Alberta's approach to cannabis legalization

The Government of Alberta has released its Cannabis Framework and introduced Bill 26: An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis. Please visit the Government of Alberta website for information on Alberta’s approach to Cannabis legalization. A draft of the Alberta Cannabis Framework and Bill 26 are also available for download on their website.

Cannabis-related businesses

Retail sales of recreational cannabis or mairjuana are currently illegal. We will continue to enforce existing laws related to cannabis sales until the new legislation comes into effect by July 2018. Currently, business licenses are not being issued for the sale of cannabis.

New cannabis retail businesses

The legalization of cannabis is creating interest about potential retail opportunities in Brooks. The City is waiting for more clarity from the provincial government before we can move forward on the cannabis retail sales model. 

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