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City Council

Roles and Responsibilities


City Council are elected officials where their principal role and responsibilities under the Municipal Government Act are:

  • developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality;
  • making sure that the powers, duties and functions of the municipality are appropriately carried out;
  • carrying out the powers, duties and functions expressly given to it under this or any other enactment;
  • a council must not exercise a power or function or perform a duty that is by this or another enactment or bylaw specifically assigned to the chief administrator officer or a designated officer.

The Mayor and Council are elected to serve a 4-year term.  The last election was held in October 2013 and new council members were elected.


Council Members 2013-2017

Current Councillors were elected on October 21st, 2013.  They are as follows:

Martin Shields (Mayor)
Cathy Corbett-Schock
Norm Gerestein (Deputy Mayor, 2014-2015)
Dan Klein
Barry Morishita
Bill Prentice
Fred Rattai (Acting Mayor, 2014-2015)



The next election will be held in October 2017.

Council members are also involved in a variety of Boards and Commissions and additional information on which Board or Commission their appointed to is listed together with guidelines set out in policy by the municipality under Council Activities listed in the left side bar menu. Further information on Community Boards can be found under "City Hall / Community Boards"


City Council plans an annual Corporate Retreat where objectives and Vision Statements are discussed.  The most recent Corporate Retreat was held in February 2014 and the following is the Strategic Objectives set by Council and Vision Statement:

Strategic Focus Areas 2013-2017

Vision Statement

Report to Residents