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The City of Brooks is proud to present the 2012 - 2014 City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan. The City of Brooks is committed to building a welcoming and inclusive community and workplace that helps sustain a cultural atmosphere that all residents can enjoy. The Plan outlines a specific Action Plan to address the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination’s (CMARD) ten Common Commitments. It also provides a three year strategic focus on how the City of Brooks can become more welcoming and inclusive. To view the partnership plan, please click here.

The City of Brooks works closely with both CMARD and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) in order to help promote Brooks as a welcoming and inclusive community. A welcoming and inclusive community is one which is free from discrimination and where residents feel able to participate in all aspects of the social, cultural and economic life of the city. The City of Brooks was recently highlighted in its efforts of successful newcomer integration on AUMA’s website in a best practices video. The video can be found here.

The City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan is closely based on CMARD’s toolkit which is used to provide practical information to support the work of municipalities and their partners in strengthening their local initiatives and policies against racism and discrimination. More information about CMARD and the contents of the toolkit can be found here.

During the creation of the Partnership Plan a strong partnership was formed with the Newell Regional Expo, a group dedicated to promoting our region as a diversity-friendly and inclusive place for all residents. The Newell Regional Expo has recently released a video that illustrates their accomplishments since its inception. The video can be found here.

Along with the partnerships between the City of Brooks and external organizations such as CMARD and AUMA, the City works closely with its residents and businesses to promote a healthy, safe and friendly community for all. This is accomplished through the continued effectiveness and inclusiveness of the City’s facilities, services, programs and events.

The City of Brooks prides itself on its ability to work with residents and organizations to create fun and educational events and programs. Recent fun and educational City events/campaigns include: International Day of Persons with Disabilities Wheelchair Basketball Tournament; Chinese New Year Celebrations; Black History Month; March 21 – Elimination of Racial Discrimination Campaign; Hate Crime Awareness Day; National Aboriginal Day; Canada Day; and many others.

Residents are encouraged to come to city hall if they have any special cultural days they would like to celebrate and partner with the city on.