Fitness Classes

At the JBS Canada Centre, we understand that taking steps to improve your fitness and health is one of the best ways to see benefits in the rest of your life. Once you start working out, you'll notice improvements to your sleep, energy, and mood! Let us help you out on your journey with our wide selection of fitness classes. We offer a variety of classes during the morning, evening, and lunch hour. There is a class for everyone and their jam packed schedule.

Rebel Fit Classes now offered at the JBS Canada Centre

We are excited to partner with Rebel Fit to provide a variety of fitness programming!

  • You do not require a Recreation Membership to access Rebel Fit classes, you can register and pay for these classes separately. Online registration available on RecWeb.
  • Rebel Fit classes are NOT included in your Recreation Membership.
  • Winter session runs from October 17th - November 27th 

If you have any questions about Rebel Fit classes please email Sharla or Cara. 


2020 Fitness Class Schedule Information & Registration Dates

Fall: September 1 through October 30 Registration opens: August 21 at 10:00am

Fall Fitness Guide

Winter II: November 2 through December 18 Registration opens: October 22 at 10:00am

Winter Fitness Guide

Fitness Class Reminders:

  • Registration can only be done through the front desk or online at A class you are registered in gets cancelled;
    • We must withdraw you from a class due to the 3-strike rule;
    • Are next on a wait list for a class and a spot becomes available in that class.

I am registered in a class and can not make it - what do I do?
If you are not able to make it to a class, please notify the front desk (403-362-3622) in advance. If you call in advance, this absence will not count as a "strike." (Calling/texting/emailing your instructor is not sufficient – we need to record it in case someone comes in looking for a drop-in spot).- 3-Strike Rule: 
When a class list is full, three unreported absences will result in withdrawal from the class and the spot will be filled by someone on the wait list.