Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals Information - February 17th

  • Facility rentals will now be offered at a 50% discount.  This includes the CRA & Sparrow arenas, Flexhall and Fieldhouse. (Excludes the EID aquatic centre and CRA Track as these are still closed)
  • Minimum 1-hour booking. Payment will be required at the time of booking. Cancellation policy applies.
  • All attendees for a booking MUST be from the same household; singles can book a facility for themselves.
  • If you require equipment set up, let us know at the time of booking.
  • Please check-in at the front desk prior to accessing your bookings.
  • We encourage people to bring their own equipment, however, we do have some equipment that can be used. It will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use. Facility space will be cleaned and sanitized in between bookings as well.
  • Individuals/families that have a valid Recreation Fee Assistance membership can book the facility at no cost - must book in advance.
  • All bookings need to be made by calling 403-362-3622 and are subject to availability.
  • This temporary discount on fees is only available to individuals/households and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as restrictions change.
  • Bookings will be accepted up to a week in advance.

How to Book:

  • Call the Recreation Services Department at 403-362-3622 or stop by the JBS Canada Centre or the Centennial Regional Arena.
  • Our staff will ask you details regarding your event, discuss booking opportunities and help you through the rental process. We require sufficient notice to consider facility rentals, especially depending on the size and nature of your event.
  • Please note that these fees are reviewed each year. Any changes to the Rates and Fees are approved by City Council and come into effect on August 1st of that year. The following rental rates are in effect August 1, 2020  through July 31, 2021.

Aquatics Center

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Exclusive Pool Rental (per hour)$222.00 ($111.00)
Youth Party Pack (Swimming Pool) Ask for details.$75.75 ($37.88)
Child Party Pack (Swimming Pool) Ask for details.$54.25 ($27.13)
Additional Lifeguard Charge (per hour)$31.50 ($15.75)

Arena Rental (With Ice)

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Adult Groups (per hour)$173.00 ($86.50)
Youth Groups (per hour)$92.00 ($46.00)
Non-prime Time (per hour)$51.50 ($25.75)
Hockey & Figure Skating Schools$129.00 ($64.50)
Hockey Games Charging Admission (Junior A)$209.00 ($104.50)
Adult Tournaments (NFP) (per hour)$199.00 ($99.50)
Youth Tournaments (NFP) (per hour)$105.00 ($52.50)

Arena Rental (No Ice)

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Hourly Rentals (per hour)$74.50 ($37.25)
Youth Groups (per hour)$38.75 ($19.38)
Day Rate per Arena (adult plus 12 to 24 hour)$1095.50 ($547.75)
Event Setup and Cleanup (per Arena, per Day)$1081.25 ($540.63)
Attendant Cost (per hour)$31.25 ($15.63)
Performance Bond (Must be provided a minimum of 21 days prior to event)$861.50 ($430.75)

Cenovus Flexhall/Combatants Room

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Adult Groups (per hour)$71.25 ($35.63)
Youth Groups (per hour)$37.50 ($18.75)
Youth/Child Party Pack (1 hour in gym and 2 hour in meeting room - concurrently)$73.75 ($36.88)

Please note there is no food or drink allowed in the Cenovus Flexhall.

Field House

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Adult Groups$85.00 ($42.50)
Adult Groups 1/3 of Field House (1 court)$35.00 ($17.50)
Youth Groups (ages 2 - 17 years)$60.00 ($30.00)
Youth Groups (ages 2 - 17 years) 1/3 of Field House (1 court)$25.00 ($12.50)

Indoor Play Centre

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
General Hourly Rental$40.00 ($20.00)

Meeting/Activity Rooms

TypeReg. Price (Discounted Price)
Meeting/Activity Rooms (per hour)$24.50 ($12.50)
Meeting/Activity Room/per day (maximum of 8 hours)$138.75 ($69.38)
Reduced Hourly Rate (minimum of 10 bookings)$20.25 ($10.13)

Equipment Rental Fees

TypeReg. Price
Damage Deposit$157.50
Tables - For Profit Organization (per table)$7.00
Tables - Non Profit Organization (per table)Free
Chairs - For Profit Organization$2.25
Chairs - Non Profit OrganizationFree
Stage (per 4 foot by 8 foot section) - For Profit Groups$10.25
Stage per day (where additional set-up/take down is not required)$100.00
Equipment is included with a meeting or activity room rental.

Birthday Party Packages

Due to COVID-19, Birthday Party Packages are unavailable.

Celebrate with us! Book your birthday party at the JBS Canada Centre or the Centennial Regional Arena. The little ones can enjoy playing in the Cenovus Flexhall, swimming in the EID Aquatics Centre, climbing around in the indoor playspace or skating on the Sparrow or Centennial Regional Arena ice. Once the activity is done, you can gather the group and continue the party in one of our multi-purpose rooms.