Yard Waste

Municipal Compost Site


We are located at the Newell Recycling Depot

Open Dates

Please contact Newell Recycling Depot at 403-362-2132 for when compost can be dropped off.


Normal weekly yard waste collection for 2019 will be starting Monday, April 29, 2019 with Spring cleanup commencing Monday, April 22. Please watch Brooks bulletin and social media for more details.  

Items For Drop Off

Residents can drop off leaves, grass clippings and small branches. Food scraps are not accepted because they attract unwanted pests and create contamination in the finished compost. Additional processing must occur with the addition of materials beyond yard waste and this is currently not in effect.

Yard Waste Bins

Currently, single dwelling houses and duplexes have individual yard waste (compost) bins for leaves, grass clippings, and small branch 1/4" in diameter. Yard waste should be placed directly into the compost bin without bagging. If these bins are being misused (by people placing garbage and non-compostable items inside), they will be removed.

Backyard Composters

The City of Brooks offers a $25 rebate for any resident that purchases a backyard composter from a local retailer. Bring your receipt to City Hall and receive a credit on your utility account.

Yard Waste Bin Information

Yard Waste Bin Information