Outdoor Ice Rinks

The City of Brooks has one high-board outdoor ice rink, and one low-board outdoor ice rink that are available for use by the residents and visitors to the community. The outdoor ice rinks are maintained throughout the week, weather permitting. Maintenance includes cleaning and flooding of the ice surfaces. Due to staff constraints, no maintenance is provided on weekends.

Users of the outdoor rinks are reminded to refrain from using the rinks immediately after they have been flooded. Skating on the wet ice degrades the quality for all other users.

The rinks are open from November to March everyday depending on the weather. Rinks can be found in the following parks:

  • Griffin Park - High Boards
  • Rose Lea Park - Low Boards

The rinks are maintained by the Parks Department. To speak to someone regarding an outdoor rink, please contact the Parks Office at 403-362-0271.

Griffin Park Outdoor Rink Refurbishment - 2020


The existing outdoor rink at Griffin Park was given an upgrade in 2020 as the City added new boards and asphalt. The construction will allow for this structure to be used year round as it will have basketball hoops installed and pickle-ball lines painted for the summer months.