EcoBrooks Leadership Scholarship 

The EcoBrooks Leadership Scholarship encourages and recognizes City of Brooks students who complete an environmentally minded project with a positive, long-term impact in the community of Brooks. The project must reflect one or more of the environmental pillars of EcoBrooks.

EcoBrooks is the City of Brooks Environmental Advisory Committee. The value pillars of the committee include water conservation, energy sustainability, and waste management while working cooperatively with the municipality and increasing the environmental accountability of the public through education and hands-on opportunities. To engage youth and encourage environmental innovation, EcoBrooks will award a $1000 scholarship to a high school student for a completed project and successful application. Additional funding may be granted for use toward project completion.


  • One award of $1000
  • With the possibility of up to $500 to complete the project*

*Students who require funding to complete their project are encouraged to fund-raise and access grants, and may apply for up to $500 in additional funding from EcoBrooks. Project proposals for funding request are due October 31 in the fall prior to the scholarship application. Any students accessing this funding must apply for the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in high school
  • Attend school within the City of Brooks; homeschooled students must live in Brooks city limit
  • Complete a project by May 31 of the application year
  • Submit a project reflection with reference letters
  •  Enroll in a full-time program at any recognized and accredited Canadian post-secondary institution

Projects may be started any time, but must be completed by May 31 of the application year. Students may only receive the scholarship once.

Selection Process

Leadership Scholarship
To be considered for the EcoBrooks Leadership Scholarship, students must complete a project that reflects one or more of the environmental pillars of EcoBrooks. Upon project completion, applicants must fill out the application package with a project explanation and reflection, as well as provide two letters of reference. Projects must be completed, and required documents submitted electronically to the City of Brooks Communications Officer by May 31.

Project Funding
Students interested in applying for the scholarship may apply, in the fall prior to scholarship application, for funding toward the project. Students must complete the attached project proposal requesting up to $500 to assist in the completion of their project. Proposals must be submitted electronically to the City of Brooks Communications Officer by October 31.

The Selection Committee for both the scholarship and project funding is made up of EcoBrooks members-in-good-standing. If the EcoBrooks youth representative is applying for the scholarship, he or she will be excused from the Selection Committee. Students who access this specific project funding must be applicants for the scholarship in the following spring. Project funding may be made available to more than one project.

Project Funding Application – if required, Due October 31
Leadership Scholarship Application – Due May 31

Scholarship Documents