Residential Sheds

A BUILDING PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED for sheds that are 10 square metres (100 ft2) or less provided the shed meets the requirements in the Land Use Bylaw.

A BUILDING PERMIT IS REQUIRED for sheds that are more than 10 square metres (100 ft2).

General Information

(1) A shed cannot be located in a front yard.
(2) A shed must be at least 1.5 metres from principal buildings.
(3) A shed that is 10 square metres (100 ft2) or larger must be at least 1 metre from the side and rear property lines.
(4) A shed that is less than 10 square metres and is on a temporary foundation does not require any rear or side setbacks. However, it must be at least 1 metre from any other accessory buildings.
(5) A residential property cannot contain more than 3 accessory structures and the maximum lot coverage for all accessory buildings combined is 15%.
(6) The maximum height of an accessory building shall be no more than 4.5 metres.

Obtaining a Permit

City of Brooks Building Permits are provided by Park Enterprises Ltd. through a contract. To obtain a permit, submit a written application on the prescribed form, accompanied with the required plans, and pay the prescribed fee. The following information should be provided:
(1) A site plan drawn to scale showing:
- the lot size and location of any existing buildings on the lot.
- the location and dimensions of the proposed shed.
(2) Details on the foundation.
(3) Details on the wall construction.
(4) Door and window sizes & location.
(5) Details on the roof construction, roof slope, eave overhang and exterior finish.

Building Permit applications are available at City Hall or you can view the Building Permit Application (PDF).


The fee for a building permit for a shed is calculated at $0.20 per square foot. The minimum fee is $165.00 plus a Safety Code Council levy of 4% of the permit fee. If any variances to the Land Use Bylaw are required, a development permit and associated fees will also be needed.

Completed application forms can be dropped off between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at:
City of Brooks
201 - 1 Avenue West
Brooks, Alberta

Required Inspections

Final - Upon completion of the project. Call Park Enterprises at 1-800-621-5440 or 403-329-3747 to schedule an inspection. Or, book an inspection online by visiting the Inspections website.

Additional Information

A development permit may also be required. Please contact the City to determine if a development permit is required for your proposed work.