"Subdivision" usually occurs when a property owner divides a parcel of land into several smaller lots or combines two or more lots into one larger parcel. Examples of this might include instances where a commercial land owner wishes to split their lot in half to develop another business or when a developer wishes to create a multi-lot subdivision for the construction of several homes, or when a property owner decides to build a duplex where a single family home currently stands.

When do I need subdivision approval?

  • When creating lots for new developments.
  • When creating separate land titles for each unit of a duplex or row housing.
  • When creating separate land titles for each dwelling on a single property.

Subdivision Process

In order to allow for a subdivision to occur there are several administrative and legal changes that must take place, therefore, a process is in place to ensure that these changes are accurately implemented.

In Brooks, subdivisions are handled by the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC). Visit the ORRSC website to learn more about the subdivision process.

To subdivide, you must apply to ORRSC. Application forms can be obtained through ORRSC or view the Subdivision Form (PDF).

The fee for subdividing a property is $600 plus $325 per new lot.