Statutory Plans

Area Structure Plans (ASP)

Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act provides an opportunity for municipalities to provide a framework for subsequent development of an area of land through the creation of an Area Structure Plan (ASP).

Such a plan describes the sequence of development proposed for an area, land uses, the density of population and the location of transportation and public utilities in the plan area. The municipality outlines the procedure through which developers should initiate the creation of such plans through Terms of Reference.

Most sections of Brooks are included within an Area Structure Plans to guide subdivision and development applications within them.

Please select the Area Structure Plan you are interested to view the document. Please note that these are very large files and may take some time to load:

Northeast Sector Area Structure Plan (PDF)
Northwest Sector Area Structure Plan (PDF)
Southeast Sector Area Structure Plan (PDF)
Southwest Sector Area Structure Plan (PDF)
South Industrial Area Structure Plan (PDF)

Municipal Development Plan

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a long-range planning tool and must be consistent with provincial Land Use Policies. In addition, all statutory plans including the MDP must be consistent with each other. For municipalities with a population greater than 3,500, a MDP is a mandatory requirement under the Municipal Government Act and must be adopted by Bylaws. A MDP must contain policies compatible with the Subdivision and Development Regulations (AR 43/2002), which provide guidelines on the type and location of land uses adjacent to sour gas facilities, as well as policies respecting the provision of municipal, school or municipal and school reserves, including but not limited to the need for amount of and allocation of those reserves and the identification of school requirements in consultation with the affected school authority.

A Municipal Development Plan must address the following: (1) Future land use; (2) Future development; (3) Coordination; (4) Transportation; and (5) Municipal services.

A Municipal Development Plan may also address: (1) Financing; (2) Municipal programs; (3) Environment; (4) Financial resources; and (5) Economic development.

Brooks adopted a Municipal Development Plan in 2001 and is currently in the drafting process of a new MDP.

View the Municipal Development Plan (PDF).

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The intent of an Intermunicipal Development Plan is to prescribe policy for future land use and development, and any other matter relating to the physical, social or economic development of the area that the Councils of the City of Brooks and County of Newell consider necessary. As well, it plans for orderly and properly controlled development surrounding the City of Brooks which allows for timely urban expansion with minimal land use conflicts. This document outlines policies that apply to lands both in the urban fringe and within the City and are to be used as a framework for decision making in each municipality with input and cooperation of the other jurisdiction. Each municipality is responsible for decisions within their boundaries using the plan policies and the procedures provided in the plan.

View the Intermunicipal Development Plan (PDF).