Lake Stafford Park

Lake Stafford is a recreation area on the biggest lake in the community of Brooks. On the south shore of the lake is a day use park called Lake Stafford Park. And on the west and south shores of the lake are green-space areas and grass lawns. While on the north end of the lake is the Trans Canada Highway.

Connecting the areas of the park is a paved pathway which is one of the most popular recreation paths in Brooks. Along the edges of the trail are various sitting benches ideal for sightseeing and bird watching. 

The paved trail is popular for many summer activities such as day walks, jogging, biking, on leash dog walking and rollerblading. The path is also wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

Lake Stafford also features a boat launch for non-motorized waster craft where you may find locals fishing. The area also features a picnic area with picnic tables, sitting benches, open space and a playground. Nearby the paved trail leads to a local iconic lighthouse structure sitting out on a point of the lake.

Landscape view of Lake Stafford Park from over the lake