2018 Municipal By-Election Sign Guidelines

Have Your Say Election 2018

City of Brooks Bylaw NO. 94/20 – Governing Posters or Signs for Pending Election

  • Such posters shall not be affixed to trees on town owned property or boulevards in a manner that would damage the tree, i.e. nails, screws, staples, etc.
  • Election signs shall not be posted on the following town properties: 
  1. Cemeteries or parks immediately adjacent to cemeteries 
  2. Medians on streets
  3. Any property where town operations are carried out, such as Town Hall premises, library, recreation complex, Community Cultural Centre, Public Works Shop, utility operation, sports fields, etc.
  • Election signs shall not be placed on the town owned parks, flowerbeds or green spaces in a manner that would interfere with grass cutting and watering.
  • The signs are placed on a property where they will no interfere with or obstruct the movement of motor vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians.
  • The posters or signs shall not be illuminated.
  • The consent of the property owner or occupant is obtained.
  • Such signs shall be removed within 14 days after the election.
  • The town shall remove any sign or poster that does not comply with the provisions of this bylaw and charge the costs incurred to the candidate or the party he/she represents.

Election Signs

Before posting signs, ask permission....
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Contact Information:

Amanda Peterson
Returning Officer
Amy Rommens
Deputy  Returning Officer