Information for Candidates

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Qualifications of Candidates

  • 18 years of age or older 
  • Canadian citizen 
  • Have been a resident of the local jurisdiction for the six consecutive months preceding Nomination Day
  • Is not otherwise ineligible or disqualified (Refer to section 22(1) of the LAEA)

Changes to the Local Authorities Election Act

Bills 23 and 29 update the Local Authorities Election Act and were passed on December 5th, 2018 and July 23, 2020, respectively. As a result, there are a few changes potential candidates should be aware of and become familiar with, if planning to run in the municipal election.  Potential candidates may click on the following link to access a collection of fact sheets that provide the changes and information to guide them through the 2018 and 2020 amendments to the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA).

Nomination Package

The City of Brooks 2021 Municipal General Election Nomination Package is now available. The Package provides information for potential candidates for the offices of Mayor and Councillor. The Packages also provides additional information for candidates including: 

Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance (PDF)

Pecuniary Interest for Municipal Councillors (Alberta Municipal Affairs) (PDF)

Interested candidates for the positions of Mayor and Councillor are invited to pick up a City of Brooks 2021 Municipal Election Nomination Package at the City of Brooks Office, 201 – 1st Avenue West or may download the Nomination Package found by clicking here.

Should any interested candidates wish to review the Nomination Package with the Returning Officer or the Substitute Returning Officer, please utilize the contact number below to schedule a meeting.

A Candidates Guide: Running for Municipal Office in Alberta can be found here.

Campaign Expenses

Please note that prior to incurring any campaign expense (i.e. advertising), Nomination Papers must be filed with the Returning Officer/Substitute Returning Officer.

Candidate Campaign Disclosure Statements

All candidates are required pursuant to the Local Authorities Election Act to submit Campaign Disclosure Statements regardless of whether they self-fund, received campaign contributions, or did not have any campaign expenses.  For all contributions over $50, candidates must submit the names of those who made the contribution with their statement. 

The Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement Form can be found here.

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Returning Officer

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Substitute Returning Officer