Arts, Culture & Heritage Board


  • Seven public members appointed by City Council
  • One City Council member
  • Six Citizens at Large

Function & Duties

  • Consulting on all matters of policy affecting arts, culture and heritage and provide advice to Council on arts, cultural and heritage items.
  • To make contact and create relationships with groups or special interest groups pertaining to arts, culture and heritage.
  • To be involved in promoting fundraising for specific projects in arts, culture and heritage as deemed appropriate by Council.
  • To identify the need for new or expanded arts, culture and heritage programs and make recommendations to Council to implement and promote these programs.
  • To study conditions and keep informed for the purpose of developing immediate and long range plans to meet arts, culture and heritage needs.
  • To encourage and facilitate joint initiatives between other City Committees and/or Departments, local businesses and industry, education institutions, community groups and Council.
  • To ensure all sectors of the community within the City have the opportunity to provide input into the directions and issues considered by the Board.

Term of Office

  • Members of Council - a one-year term
  • Citizens-At-Large appointed to the Board may serve a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms