Our Culture

At the City of Brooks, our team's purpose is to create an environment in which all employees are empowered to contribute their skills, knowledge, talents and experience to the betterment of the organization. It is an attitude and reflection of who we are, what we do, and most importantly how we do it.

City of Brooks employees are the voice behind the phone call, the brains behind our expertise and innovation, and the heart behind our service to customers. Exceptionally talented, creative, smart people helping the citizens of Brooks achieve a greater purpose - that's who we are.

Our purpose is rooted in our vision for a community that people are proud to call home. Each and every one of us deliver on our vision through shared core values that guide us as we do our best each and every day.

Our Values

We commit to a positive work environment by promoting enjoyment, laughter and productivity.
We support, assist, and acknowledge each person as a team member.
We treat each person with honesty, respect and dignity and expect each member of the team to perform their responsibilities in a professional manner.
ObjectivityWe will make smart choices that are value-based.
AccountabilityWe are accountable for our own decisions and actions.
Communication We encourage open communication as it will improve productivity and the spirit of cooperation.
HonestyWe respect each member of our team by being honest with ourselves and each other.
LeadershipWe support the leadership of our organization and value their vision and direction.
InitiativeWe encourage our members to take the initiative to create solutions that are recognized by the team.

Benefits at the City of Brooks

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