Urban Forestry Tree Management Plan


In October 2016, staff created and presented to Council an Urban Forestry Management Plan (hereafter referred to as the Plan). The Plan was developed to protect and conserve City trees, manage the removal, replacement and maintenance of City trees, and to plan for a sustainable and healthy future urban forest. To view the full report, access the Urban Forestry Management Plan (PDF).

Short Term:

  1. Maintain the City's tree inventory database.
  2. Establish best practices for the selection of tree and plant varieties to be planted on City property, and specifically to eliminate the use of invasive species.
  3. Annual monitoring to see how the plan is working and update as necessary.

Long Term:

  1. Develop a comprehensive and coordinated set of procedures for all tree maintenance and activities: planting, watering, staking, fertilizing, pruning and tree removal.
  2. Establish a tree reserve fund to be used for the procurement and planting of trees from a dedicated annual budget.
  3. Continue efforts to encourage and support community based initiatives to plant trees.
  • The City worked together with Trees Canada and Toronto Dominium Bank to plant 75 trees at Lake Stafford and 75 trees at Meadow Lake. The City assisted in the planting, supplying necessary tools and watering.
  • The City assisted the planting of 30 trees in Kiwanis Campground with the Rotary Club.
  • The City worked together with Communities in Bloom to continue the growth of the Commemorative Forest by 30 trees.
  • The City communicated with residents along the 1st Avenue rehabilitation to have trees replaced, and 4 trees were planted.
  • The City is continuing to work with the above groups and clubs into 2018. The City is always looking for more opportunities to work with organizations and individuals to enhance the City's Urban Forest.

Stump Removal:

96 stumps were identified to be removed. 88 were completed.

Tree Pruning:

80 trees were identified to be pruned and were completed in 2017. Another 320 are sited for 2018.

Tree Removal:

97 trees were identified to be removed and 97 were removed in 2017. For 2018 to 2022, 94 trees are identified to be removed.

Tree Planting:

237 trees were planted in 2017. These include the trees mentioned previously and trees planted only by the City.

Protection and Conservation:

The City each year works with the Dutch Elm Disease Society to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease and other insects that will harm or kill trees. This is done mainly through traps and monitoring.

Outreach and Education:

  • The City identifies any pest that affects the health of a tree, and creates public awareness through social media, local newspapers and City workshops.
  • The City is continuously consulting with government organizations, attending seminars and communicating with nurseries and other municipalities.

Funding Sources:

To date, no grant funding has been awarded directly to the City. The City has applied through Trees Canada for 2018 for the supply of trees and shrubs.