Cannabis Legalization Feedback

The Government of Canada has introduced legislation to make recreational cannabis legal by the summer of 2018. The Alberta provincial government has established regulations on who can own recreational cannabis retail stores, where they can be located, hours of operation, rules for staff, safety, as well as security requirements. While these regulations are province wide, municipalities will have flexibility on some measures so that they make sense for their community.

The City of Brooks has been seeking the community’s feedback, along with the experiences of other jurisdictions to develop measures that work for our City. Engagement through a survey was open to all participants who are likely to be impacted, influenced, and have interest in the topic of the legalization of cannabis.

The online survey had 509 responses. To view the complete survey, please CLICK HERE. 

Survey results revealed the following general citizen opinions:

  • Public consumption and odours are of most interest or concern by participants.
  • Some participants were very or somewhat concerned with the legalization of recreational cannabis.
  • Most participants did not think a separation distance between recreational cannabis retail stores would be necessary.
  • Many participants felt the rules regarding consumption of recreational cannabis (not including edibles) in public places be more like the rules for drinking alcohol and smoking/vaping in public.
  • Primarily light industrial areas and large scale commercial areas were preferred for retail sale locations.
  • Many participants think that cannabis stores should not be located near where children are located or congregate and the minimum distance should be no less than 150 metres.
  • The majority of participants agreed with the Alberta Government framework of allowing personal cultivation of recreational cannabis to be grown only indoors.

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