Parks & Trees

Q. If I want trees on my property removed, who do I talk to?

A. First, contact the Parks Department at 403-362-0271 and they can assist you in answering your questions and can possibly make suggestions as to what you could do.

Q. Is the Soccer Field at the Duke of Sutherland Park going to get better grass?

A. Yes. The Parks Department will try to fix it in the Spring but the entire field will need to be closed down for at least a month. Parks tried fixing some areas this year and flagged off the areas but people would take the flags down before the area was healed. The City asks that people give the field time to heal before going onto the field.

Q. If a City tree fell onto my property (more specifically my car) who do I call?

A. First be sure it is indeed a City tree by contacting the Parks Department at 403-362-0271. If it is a City tree, you will be directed to what you should do next.

Q. Why doesn't the City add on to the skate park and make the bowls bigger?

A. The skateboard park is just like a playground, sports field or the water park. We don't typically replace or add on to playgrounds or the water spray park unless we receive a significant grant/donation or the asset is at the end of its useful life. We're proud to be able to offer a facility such as this to residents but there are a number of other, equally important facilities that are funded from the same pool of funding (soccer fields, trail network, water park, tennis courts, beautification projects, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, etc). If you would like to see this item prioritized, you have a couple of options. You should participate in the annual budget engagement tool, Citizen Budget (released in the Fall), and share your thoughts on why the skate park needs more funding. Or, you could speak directly to a Councillor, their contact information is available on our website and they're happy to meet with residents, especially those that are proactively looking for solutions. Finally, you could take your case to the Recreation & Parks Board and make a presentation. The new Recreation, Parks and Culture Master Plan will be completed in 2020 and they will be looking for input from residents.

Sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be! We have staff people that can help you along the way if you need help! Email us!

Q. Can there be more garbage cans placed at the Old Rodeo Grounds?

A. Yes. There are currently eight at the Old Rodeo Grounds and the Parks Department will add three more.