Garbage & Recycling

Q. Why doesn't the City pick up garbage in the alley (Pleasant Park Crescent West resident)? People don't take their garbage bins back in and they don't look good.

A. There are some residences in this area that do not have access to the back alley so it needs to be front pick up. The alley is also narrow which creates hazards during pickup.

Q. Are you allowed to dump garbage into large dumpsters around town? What actions are taken by staff when an over-sized item, such as sofa is seen in an alley? Does the City pick it up? If not, what should people do?

A. Large dumpsters around the City are for commercial businesses or apartment complex residents only - they are paid for by those property owners. Other residents are not to put unwanted garbage in these dumpsters. Public Works will not pick up oversized items such as sofas, mattresses, fridges, stoves etc. It is entirely up to the resident to properly dispose of oversized items at their own expense; they can take them to the landfill, or pay a company to remove them. If Public Works notices oversized items in alleyways they will record the address, take pictures of the waste that was left and contact Municipal Enforcement to get in contact with the homeowner to have it removed. When you see an oversized item, you can report it using Newell Connect.

Q. Why doesn't Brooks recycle plastics?

According to the Newell Recycling Association, who oversees recycling for the City of Brooks and County of Newell, almost all of the 9 categories of plastics can be recycled if separated. Sorting the plastics at Newell Recycling is not possible and there is no one accepting mixed plastics at this time. We are actively seeking recycling options for mixed plastics. Plastics such as polyethylene (Number 2) are accepted. For more information visit the Newell Recycling Association website.