Recreation Services & Facilities

Q. Are they going to pay refs more for basketball? I don't mind paying more in playing fees for better refs.

A. We are increasing our basketball referee fees for our leagues this year. Rather than the previous $25 per game for un-carded refs, it will now be $30 per game per ref. That being said, we are expecting to get un-carded refs for the leagues rather than carded as we do realize the carded refs expect a much higher fee. If we were to contract carded referees, league fees would jump to approximately $975. This year we will be keeping the women's basketball league at $600/team, and the men's will increase to $650 per team.

Q. I would like to know the summer drop-in schedule for the JBS Canada Centre. Why isn't this posted online?

A. The schedule changes regularly, depending on bookings, so it is really difficult to keep it current in 'real-time'. We hope in the future – with the development of a new recreation booking/scheduling software – we will be able to show more information on our website and that it will be updated automatically as things change. In the meantime, we will post scheduled times on the calendar on the website, but this can change as new times are added around bookings. We also allow unscheduled drop-in times if there are not any bookings in that space. You can call 403-362-3622 to find out the most up-to-date schedule at that time and to find out if/when there are any unscheduled times. Again, we hope this information will be more available and user-friendly when we launch our new software (date to be decided) but will work to get more information up on the site as soon as possible until then.

Q. Why aren't the pool hours the same as the facility hours?

A. Budget and demand. It costs more to operate the pool than any other part of the facility in large part due to the requirement for lifeguards. There would also be an increase cost for electricity and chemical consumption. Unless there is a significant demand for these hours, and enough patrons to balance it out, it is difficult to justify the expense.

Q. Why do we allow people to swim in their clothes?

A. The Alberta Pool Standards does not address the issue of proper or allowed swim wear for public swimming pools. As such, few facilities will go into much detail, but will look to educate the public on safety and hygiene. Such as,

  • What you wear should be Safe & Clean.
  • Lifeguards must make a judgment call based on safety and must restrict access if the clothing in question presents a drowning risk.
  • What is considered clean? There is no scientific evidence that links swimwear to a risk of recreational water illnesses and as such we following the Royal Lifesaving Society's observation and recommendation on this matter. Those guidelines for "Accepted Swimwear in Accordance with Safety & Hygiene" can be found by visiting the Lifesaving Society website.

The Recreation Department is also working on putting together some educational material to help residents understand what is considered proper/allowed swim wear. We hope to have this completed soon.