Why use a mask

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Albertans are encouraged to wear non-medical masks in public when it's difficult to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres at all times.

Wearing a homemade or non-medical mask in public is another tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It hasn’t been proven that masks protect the person wearing it, but it can help protect people from being exposed to your germs.

Masks should complement – not replace – other prevention measures. Continue physical distancing and good hand hygiene, and stay home when sick.

When to use a mask

  • When it’s difficult to maintain 2 metres distance from people for a prolonged period of time:
    1. public transit and airplanes
    2. grocery stores and pharmacies
    3. hair salons and barbershops
    4. some retail stores
  • Masks are mandatory for Grade 4 to 12 students and all school staff, as part of the school re-entry plan
  • When mask use is mandatory by municipal bylaw, check your local community for details

When not to use a mask

  • If it’s dirty or damaged in any way
  • If it gaps or doesn’t fit well
  • If it’s been used by another person
  • Children under 2 years of age
  • Anyone that has trouble breathing
  • When you are only with people from your own household

Click here for videos on choosing the right mask and how to wear a mask properly.