Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Guide

Additional Information

  • Parents for preschool levels and Swim Kids 1-4 will not be required in the water (other than for the Starfish/duck/sea turtle level.) If parents would still like to participate in the water they will be more than welcome.
  • People can use credits on their account to pay for lessons but will have to do so in person or over the phone. 
  • If you have any questions, want more information about LSS programs, or need assistance in determining which LSS Swimmer level your child should be registered in, you can click here or call the front desk of the JBS Canada Centre (403-362-3622) and staff will be happy to help answer any questions you have.
  • Junior Lifeguard Club FAQ
  • Bronze Medallion / Bronze Cross FAQ

Register For Swimming Lessons

  • Please call 403-362-3622 or visit the JBS Canada Centre.