Urban Hen Pilot Program

Brooks City Council recently approved an urban hen pilot program from January 1, 2023 – January 1, 2025. The requirements and restrictions outlined below must be followed by all participants in the pilot program.


  • Any person that has been issued a Hen Licence under this pilot program is not in contravention of the City’s Animal Control Bylaw.

  • The pilot program shall be limited to ten (10) applicants.

  • No person shall keep a Rooster within the City.

  • No person shall keep a Hen, other than a Hen for which a valid Hen Licence has been issued, within the City.

  • No person shall sell Hens or Hen products, including eggs or meat, from Hens raised in accordance with this pilot program.

  • No person shall slaughter Hens within the City, unless the Hen is brought to a butcher shop, which has obtained a business licence from the City.

  • No person shall keep a Hen in a cage, kennel or any shelter other than a Coop, unless they are actively transporting the Hen.

  • The City may, at its own discretion, terminate the urban Hen pilot program and shall provide notice to participants regarding the termination.

  • If a participant in the pilot program continuously does not follow the requirements and restrictions of the pilot program, they may have their Hen Licence revoked, at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer.

Hen Licence

  • Any Owner or Occupier of a property shall apply for a Hen Licence prior to the

    purchase of any Hens.

  • Hen Licences shall only be issued to properties that are single-family dwellings with a lot size of at least 503 m2.

  • Applications for a Hen Licence shall be in writing and include the following:

  • The name, address and contact information for the applicant;

  • Written permission from the Owner if the applicant is not the registered Owner of the property;

  • The number of Hens the applicant will house, which shall not be more than four (4);

  • The Premises Identification Number, as issued by the Province of Alberta; and,

  • Any other information deemed necessary and/or requested by the City.

  • A Hen Licence may authorize the applicant to keep up to four (4) Hens subject to the following:

  • Hen Licences are only valid during the term of the pilot program. If the pilot program is suspended or cancelled, the licence will no longer be valid;

  • Hen Licences are non‐transferable from one (1) person to another or one (1) property to another;

  • Hens must be kept within a fenced property, and the fence must be constructed in a way to ensure the Hens do not escape the property; and,

  • Coops and Outdoor Enclosures shall be within the rear yard and at least 1.5m from the property line(s).

Keeping of Hens

  • Any person who is the Owner of Hens must:

  • Provide each Hen with at least 0.37 m2 of floor area inside the Coop and at least 0.92 m2 within the Outdoor Enclosure;

  • Secure each Hen within the Coop from sunset to sunrise each day;

  • Provide each Hen with food, water, shelter, light, ventilation, care, warmth and opportunities for essential behaviours such as scratching, dust‐bathing and roosting, to maintain the Hen in good health;

  • Construct and maintain the Coop to prevent any rodent from harbouring within and/or underneath it;

  • Maintain the Coop in good repair and sanitary condition;

  • Remove leftover feed, trash and manure in a timely manner;

  • Store feed and manure within fully enclosed containers; and,

  • Follow biosecurity procedures recommended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to reduce potential for disease outbreak.

For more information, contact Amy Rommens at 403-362-3333 or arommens@brooks.ca.