Why was my garbage NOT picked up?
There could be several reasons why your garbage was not picked up. One reason could be the placement of your bin. Residences will either have a front street or back alley pick up. Back lane pickup is dependent on the width of the back lane and obstacles such as power lines and trees. Front pickup is dependent on front attached garages and regular snow removal routes.

Either way, here are some tips as to how to correctly place your bin in the back alley/front: Tip #1: Park It - Park your rollout on level ground at your curb or in your back alley. Tip #2: Space It - Space your rollout at least 1 meter from any objects such as vehicles, light posts, fences, etc. There must be at least 1 meter of free space behind it and on all sides. Tip #3: Take It - Take your rollout back onto your property by 7 p.m. on your collection day.

Another reason your garbage may not have been picked up is that you've either placed your bin out on the wrong day, or a non-pick up day, such as a holiday. Please phone the Public Works shop at 403-362-3146 and they will look into the issue.

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1. Why was my garbage NOT picked up?
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