What is the pre-authorized payment plan?

The city also has a pre-authorized payment plan in place for the utilities. This plan is for home and business owners, or tenants who pay City of Brooks utilities. The payments are withdrawn from your bank account within 5 days of the due date noted on your current utility billing. You do not have to renew each year; the withdrawal continues until cancelled by the City of Brooks or yourself. Every bank participates in this plan. Please attach a check with VOID written on it with your Authorization form and bring to City Hall. Please view the

Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Form (PDF)

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1. What is the pre-authorized payment plan?
2. What do I do if my bank account changes?
3. How do I cancel from the Plan?
4. Is there a charge for this service?
5. Can I be removed from the Plan by the City of Brooks?