Where will my rollout be picked up?
Residences will either have a front street or back alley pick up. Back lane pickup is dependent on the width of the back lane and obstacles such as power lines and trees. Front pickup is dependent on front attached garages and regular snow removal routes.

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1. Where will my rollout be picked up?
2. How will I know if my rollout will need to be placed in the front or back?
3. When will my pick-up day be?
4. How will compost be dealt with?
5. How will recycling be dealt with?
6. Are the rates going to change?
7. How do I know which is my bin?
8. At what time should my rollout be set out?
9. Will the City come back & pick up my rollout if I forgot to set it out?
10. Does garbage need to be bagged?
11. What if my rollout goes missing or is damaged?
12. Why are you changing to rollouts and getting rid of the dumpsters?