Why are you changing to rollouts and getting rid of the dumpsters?
The City of Brooks has decided to change to rollouts for a number of reasons. They are:
- People are abusing the 3 yard containers (dumpsters) and throwing improper items in them and around them.
- In the residential areas where there are currently rollouts, the back lanes have cleaned up significantly.
- A smaller container may help decrease the amount of waste being sent to the landfill.
- The garbage trucks required to collect rollouts cost at least $80,000 less than the current trucks which lowers the City's capital costs.
- The amount of time required for collection should decrease. This information was received from a number of municipalities using rollouts.
- The 3 yard containers (dumpsters) rust away and do not last as long as a rollout. The city spends $70,000 each year replacing the 3 yard containers.
- The lids on the 3 yard containers are easily broken and the City spends $17,000 each year replacing lids.
- Once the rollouts are purchased they have an expected 20-year life span which in turn decreases capital costs.

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1. Where will my rollout be picked up?
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12. Why are you changing to rollouts and getting rid of the dumpsters?